Delivery terms in brief:

1. 30 day return policy. The customer is always responsible for the return costs.

2. The goods sold are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, unless otherwise agreed.

3. The estimated delivery time is displayed on the product page.

4. If the customer receives a defective product, he must notify us immediately. The product must not be used.

5. shall not be liable for any product defect, delivery delay or other breach of contract due to force majeure beyond's control. In such a delay situation, will comply with its obligations as soon as possible in that situation.





1.1. You can pre-register an account in the online store or create a customer account when ordering. Orders can also be placed from the online store with a guest account, in which case the account will not be registered. The benefits of registration are the preservation of the order history, the storage of the shopping cart for later ordering, faster return policies, and the redemption of product credits and gift cards.




2.1. After ordering, the customer can follow the progress of the order on our website, which is updated at different stages of the order. Changes to orders will be emailed to the address provided by the customer.


2.2. The system will automatically report the order tracking ID to the email address provided by the customer with the order.


2.3. The prices quoted in the online store only apply to online orders from this website.


2.4. We reserve the right to change prices at any time due to IT interruptions.





3.1. The ordered products will be processed no later than on the working day following the order. Estimated delivery time is given on the product page before ordering. During the high season and on public holidays, the delivery time may be longer than normal and we aim to report any delays separately.


3.2. If the ordered product is not currently in stock, the delivery time is generally more than about 15 days, depending on the stock situations of different suppliers. If necessary (check urgent orders) check availability from our store.


3.3. has a rich selection of a wide range of products, the production quantities and availability of which vary. However, we cannot make any guarantees as to the availability or adequacy of the products sold in the online store. Some of the products in the online store are seasonal products or otherwise products that are only produced in limited quantities. Products in the standard range may also be temporarily sold out, for example for production reasons. We strive to keep the online store up-to-date and accurate information about the products available.


3.4. If it has been stated in the online store that the product is not in stock and an estimate of the time when the product is available, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted when ordering such temporarily discontinued product from the moment the product is declared available.


3.5. The online store also sells order products, ie products that are only ordered when the Customer has placed an order. If the Customer orders such an order product, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the stated estimated delivery time of the order product, even if it is longer than the normal delivery time of the products in stock in accordance with these terms.


3.6. is not responsible for product defects, delivery delays or other breaches of contract due to force majeure beyond's control. In such a delay situation, will comply with its obligations as soon as possible in that situation.




4.1. The seller is obliged to notify the customer of the delay immediately after receiving the information, at the same time stating the reason for the delay and the estimated new delivery date. When the manufacturer of the goods or the person from whom the seller procures the goods has not fulfilled his contract and the seller's delivery is delayed as a result, the seller is not obliged to compensate the buyer for any damage caused.


4.2. The seller is not obligated to compensate the buyer for consequential damages caused by delay or incorrect delivery, such as production losses, lost profits or other consequential financial damage.



5.1. The right to return products against a receipt is 30 days. The returned product must be in a condition to be sold, unopened and unused. The customer is always responsible for the return costs.


5.2. Cancellation is possible due to the seller's error or when the cancellation of the possibility (open trade) has been agreed in advance with the seller. In the event of termination, the amount of the product paid may be used for another product. This way, no cancellation money is charged. The sale may incur other indirect costs (transportation, etc.). In the event of a cancellation, prior to returning the products, you must contact the store to determine costs.


5.3. Fuels do not have a customer return option due to the hazardousness of the substance and the fact that private customers do not have the ability to legally send hazardous materials by mail. We supply fuels only within the borders of Finland. Check your local hobby shop.


5.4. Customer returns subject to error liability are made by post. Return must be agreed before shipment. If the shipment is not covered by the customer's return, postage and maintenance will always be paid by the customer.

5.5. Failure to pick up the order will be treated as a normal cancellation. For non-collected orders, the incurred Shipping Costs will be charged, and however at least 14 euros for the returned shipment. The rest of the payment will be refunded to the payment method used.




6.1. The goods sold are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, unless otherwise agreed. The seller, importer and manufacturer are responsible for the defect of the goods. The provisions apply to the sale of consumer goods when the seller is a trader and the buyer is a consumer. A consumer is an individual who acquires a product primarily for purposes other than the exercise of his profession.


6.2. The liability for defects does not cover normal wearing parts, eg bearings, sprockets, etc., if there are no clearly detectable manufacturing defects. All liability assessments and possible product reimbursements are made in the store, with an authorized person. As a general rule, if the device has operated normally for the first time (s), it is unlikely to have a manufacturing defect.


6.3. Liability for errors is always assessed in the store. Not by phone or email. Receipt must always be attached. The liability for errors does not apply in cases where the customer has serviced the device himself and the dealer has not had the opportunity to influence the quality of service.


6.4. If you notice any defects or deficiencies, inappropriate sounds or defects in the device that prevent it from operating normally, stop using the device immediately and contact your dealer.

6.5. The following things may adversely affect your warranty decision:

1. Disassembly, assembly, installation and modification of the product by the customer may affect the warranty decision.

2. The product serial number, log information, or identification information is illegible or has been lost.

3. The product has been used contrary to the instructions in the instructions for use or inappropriate *

4. The customer has been using a different third-party application to control the device other than the manufacturer's own application.

5. The device's internal log disk is damaged, making the log data unreadable and unavailable.

• Improper use of the product, failure to follow the instructions in the manual, installation errors, flying in bad weather (rain, snow, heavy fog, strong wind, etc.), flying near areas with electromagnetic radiation (power lines, radio, TV and telephone masts, train) stations, power plants, etc.) or flying in an area with high wireless networks and other signals, or in an urban area.





We reserve the right to change delivery costs.


Fares that entered into force on 1.9.2020:

Normal price transport fee 10 euros.

Fuel freight 20 euros (Only in Finland). Other products can be added to the same price / transport max. 30kg. The products are mainly delivered to the door.


Paypal acts as a payment intermediary service provider and payment service provider in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paypal appears as the payee on the bank statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant.